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What Your Friends Dont Tell You
2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
The Good Stuff V


Dance chart peak #46
2008 Golden Kayak Nominee: Best Dance Song

Copyright 2008: Vincenzo Ardilio; "What Your Friends Don't Tell You"

There's a little game that I used to play
In the city every other saturday
It really works well in the blue cafe
With my black americano

I don't read the book I take
Yeah, it's got a purpose but it's fake
Just like the transient friends I make -
Surprised at the things I know

Feeling lust and lonely
You stray in this part of town
You knew you were sure to find me
You see me hang around...

Sitting at the window,
Looking through the glass
And watching everyone go by.
If you look back through the window
As you're walking past
Then maybe you will catch my eye.
Gotta have the courage
When you make an entrance
Clearly fix your sight on me.
Order your frescato,
Walk up to the window;
Enquire if that seat is free

Some things even friends don't know
But you'll tell a stranger blow by blow
You want to hang out but I've got to go
Best to run away from danger

You feel lost and lonely
You stray in this part of town
You knew you were sure to find me
You've seen me hang around...

Sitting at the window

You know it's free
(At the window)
(At the window)

I'm sorry did you choose the wrong guy?
I'm flattered you hit on me
But you know that the stakes are too high
I'm just a man who likes to be...

Sitting at the window

Song Comments

2008 IAIA Golden Kayak Nominees
nominated for Best Dance Song

Nominated for a 2008 Golden Kayak Award, for best dance song.

The Good Stuff V
Another one from Vincenzo that will get you out of your chair and make you shake your ass! Great beats and great hook. Just DANCE!

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