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Thursday, November 15, 2007 10:58:56 PM
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Thursday, November 15, 2007 11:01:05 PM
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The Scramble from the 2006 album, "Something". Copyright © 2006-07 Deafkid Music.

"The Scramble" by Shudder. Copyright © 2006-07 Deafkid Music.


Everybody do the scramble
Guaranteed to make you ramble
And just like a pretty candle
We’ll burn out eventually

Faster, bigger, better, smarter
Push yourself a little harder
To line the pockets of the martyrs
Everybody dance with me

Don’t forget the smiles are free
Just remember not to think too much about it
Be a cog in the machine

Order now!
This offer ends soon
We promise the moon
Neatly packaged and shipped to your door
As seen on TV
Listed on Wall Street
If you’re somebody, scramble with me

The scramble has some side effects
Like occasional heart attacks
Living in a state of panic
Don’t give up now

Greedy, grabbing, grasping, groping
Don’t you know it’s what we’re hoping
To find stuffed in all our stockings
We’re good girls and boys

We played with our toys
We synthesized happiness, marketed joy
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