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Saturday, December 15, 2007 6:26:10 PM
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Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:21:40 PM
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Opening track and first single from debut album "Alter ego rehabilitation centre"
Written around Nathans 5ths riff which he came across whilst messing around in my front room. I think I was putting a flat pack computer desk together at the time.


SENTIMENTAL (Salisbury/Smye)

How’s your conscience feel today?
Saw it on the news, you say?
Close you eyes and it’ll go away
The preacher man he’ll make me feel so…
So sickly, so, so sickly sentimental

Go to the pub with Bob and Kim
Tell them about all the places you’ve been
Read it in the paper on the bus
Just got a pay hike so what’s the fuss?
You make me feel so, so sickly, so, so sickly sentimental

Stop feeling so, don’t make me, no
Don’t feel so sentimental
(1st Verse)
Song Comments

RPW Radio
Can hear a bit of a Bowie sound thing happening, or is it Brian Ferry and Virginia Plain? Love it, makes me want to jump and twirl, was there a dance called the pogo!

Power Pop Sounds
GREAT Track!!!!!!

The Good Stuff 4U
This sounds to me like one of the harder-rocking tracks from Blur's Parklife or Modern Life Is Rubbish albums. Great melody, hard rocking, and a singer that is unabashedly English and knows just how cool his accent can sound. Great stuff.

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