Jenny TateLove Let Me Down
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Thursday, December 20, 2007 8:58:04 PM
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Thursday, December 20, 2007 9:03:18 PM
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Its not what you think. Listen!

Love Let Me Down
BMI work # 8417653

Kelly Ane Archer BMI# 293181751
Warren Sellers BMI# 477975190

3 Ring Circus Music BMI publishing# 421882660
Careers BMG Music Publishing BMI# 481787412
Little Blue Lizard Music - BMI# 513817072
Songs of Windswept Pacific - BMI# 353570366

Song Comments

Future Ones
OMG and she can sing too...This is a great song.

Jenny Tate is a country singer in Nashville TN. Originally from Grand Manan, New Brunswick, Canada, Jenny moved to Nashville to further her singing and songwriting career. You may have heard Jenny singing "Love Let Me Down" and "You Did The Right Thing" on your local radio station. Internet and FM Radio stations in the United States, Canada, Sweeden, Germany, Australia, Netherlands, and the UK. She has completed two CD's, "Fruition" and "Happiness". As a young girl, little Jennifer Tate loved to sing with here mother and father and anywhere she could... church, school, and local rotary events and talent shows. Jenny and come a long way since here days on Grand Manan Island, although she still likes to get home to here Canadian roots as much as possible. Jenny hopes to sing on the Opry soon and would love to head up north for a Canadian tour to connect with here many fans. She appreciates all who have supported her by requesting and listening to her songs "Love Let Me Down" and "You Did The Right Thing" on local Canaian radio stations. Although she is not attending this years CCMA's in Saskatoon, she watches and supports her fellow Canadian artist and other artists close and personal to her like Miranda Lambert and Pistol Annies. Look for more to come soon. Request Jenny Tate on These Radio Stations. New Brunswick - Nova Scotia - New Foundland & Labrador - P.E.I. Prince Edward Island

eYe 2
unusual chordal work here, very cool undertaking. some unique approaches and singing, the instrumental and percussion is tripping cool, great vocals, mysterious quality. stunning work

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