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Saturday, December 29, 2007 4:29:58 AM
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Saturday, December 29, 2007 4:31:18 AM


True love, revisited in a single glance.

Music, Lyrics & All Instruments by Michael Stollaire

Just Like Yesterday - © 2007 All Rights Reserved - by Michael Stollaire

Verse One:

Goin’ crazy headed out straight for you.
I’ve lost touch with everyone I was near to.
Looking round for someone I could feel.
Cause I knew there had to be more to the deal.

All I wanted was someone I could talk to.
That friend I could count on when the worlds turned upside down.
When I looked in your eyes, I swear I could see forever.
The end is in sight Its the light Going straight up to Heaven, baby.


Can’t you see my sweat and tears
Pouring like rivers, just to wash you away?
But, you’ll stay in my mind straight through the years.
No matter what I do, Ill never lose your memory.

One look in your eyes, and it was just like yesterday.
Yeah baby it was just like yesterday.

Verse Two:

I hear your whispered thoughts deep in my mind.
They remind me of all the things Ive left behind.
I know you’re gone, but you’re still with me.
One gentle touch, would set me free.

This world that I have Im lost in the darkness.
My heart is my gift take it now its the best way.
I feel you deep in my soul I could never lose you.
There’s no holding back my angel it just keeps comin’ on stronger.

Verse Three:

Sometimes love can be a one-way street.
At times, a victory at others defeat.
You let yourself go, like there’s no tomorrow.
Then suddenly, joy is exchanged for sorrow.

I kept on opening up getting ever so closer to you.
I invited you in to a world only a few have known.
Then you spun me around, and I lost all sense of direction.
I don’t know where I am. I’m lost without you. x
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