AzwelHarol Dalley Way
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Sunday, December 30, 2007 7:20:59 PM
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Sunday, December 10, 2017 2:49:47 AM
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Song Comments

Another fabulous n creative Azwel track-Spaceboy loves to Space-surf to this.Love his delightful way with a chord change n melody and the wonderful atmospheres he creates..He's got about a zillion tracks on his page-One day i plan to listen to them all

2.1.2008...A lovely, adventurous alt-pop song with the incredibly prolific Azwels typical unexpected-but always resonant-chord changes and intelligent,inventive musicality..The end part where time suddenly slows down is a real Azwel trademark.He's definitely a writer on his own individual creative journey..People always reckon the future for indie's is in playing live music n making money therebut i reckon there's as much chance that the future could well be in the consciousness-expanding,imagination opening possibilities of 'the song' for people..Thats what i hope anyway..If it is-then artists like Azwel could finally get the financial reward they deserve for their creative gift...

Wow, stole this off Steve Isons' diary page. Second song I've listened to from that page and second one I've added from it. Really cool stuff here. It's nice to hear people recording stuff that's actually interesting to listen to. I like songs that take me on a little trip in my head, and this song does just that. I have no idea what it's about but I've already listened to it like six times. I love the arrangement and the theremin or sine tone sounding thing that doubles the vocal. O.k., now it's seven times.

The Good Stuff: VI
A very cool psych-pop song that not only hits you with some odd touches to the arrangement, but also the basic structure and chord changes hit you just off-center. In the best possible way. Nice stuff.

Harol Dalley Way by Azwel is such a magical,beautifully written song.. By what generally gets success in the mainstream, you'd think that the art of creating songs with anything but lumberingly predictable,cookie-cutter chord changes was dead. Luckily from digging deep enough - as i have on IAC particularly -the arts still very much alive - and my Spaceboy station here is awash with them- for anyone interested in hearing some great,beautifully written (relatively) modern alternative pop/rock songs.. Its a huge driving force for me as a writer to constantly try and suprise myself musically,make strange detours and basically NOT be able to predict where the songs gonna go from the first couple of chords - and i love artists and songs which give me that thrill of the new..Its just being creative imo.. In my strange alternate universe then Azwel would be a million selling artist and not a total unknown, such is his skill at shifting moods,teleporting sections - suprising you at all turns with so many cool songs.. Harold Dalley Way starts with the ominous intro before settling into the lovely sad smiling verse.The chorus suddenly toughens up then - and the whole mood become more unsettling and strange..Its a fabulous ride - and the ghostly haunted outro is one last unexpected ace, shifting the mood yet again and letting you float away on melancholic memory bliss Fabulous track..

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