Kr-3heaven is a place you can hold
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 4:49:38 PM
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Tuesday, January 01, 2008 5:12:12 PM
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In ThE heArt of ThE gArDeN of DeVi
Over The Moon
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first track from the Revolving Door EP

Tim Boyd - guitar, piano, organ, bass, drums, vocals
Jon Banco - saxophone
Jeff Tappe - trumpet

Song Comments

In ThE heArt of ThE gArDeN of DeVi
It's about perception. What do you see today... the weeds, or the beauty about you?

Lovely atmospheric,adventurous track from Kr-3..The sax/trumpet shift is just a delight-and the question is one Spaceboy ponders regularly-tho feels a little closer than y'all-truth be told- just by virtue of being up in space all the time....

2.1.2008....Well todays the day 2 of my IAC favourites(Kr-3 and Azwel) have uploaded ace new tracks..Multi-instrumentalist/writer Tim Boyd has really polished up his recordings but lost none of the psychedelic moody charm he creates so well with this modern psych jewel..The trumpet/sax break in the middle with the fabulous guitar backing is such a wonderful creative leap-i really wish he'd faded out on it at the end too..The great thing about being a bedroom artist is you can create little cinematic tracks like this-You get to choose whatever you want to put in from an unlimited sonic pallette..So much more difficult to do if you've got a band-and everyone wants to play their part exactly like it is live......

Over The Moon
Heard this on 24/7 Radio. Interesting song great melodic shifts and rhythms. Nice one.

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