Jupiter FallsDestiny?
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Sunday, August 14, 2005 11:45:43 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Acoustic demo

This song was written @ the request of the director of the forthcoming movie "Undiscovered", for possible use over the opening credits.

A couple of my other songs are used in the film, as the struggling singer-songwriter lead character's own songs.

They did thier own versions w/ the actor singing.

At the last minute, I was told they needed something for the opening & asked if I'd watch a rough cut of the flick & take a shot @ it.

So I did & this is the little nugget I came up w/, & the home demo I made of it to submit.

Although the director loved it, & told me I nailed it, & that I captured the entire feeling of the character & the film, The Powers That Be in the office were looking for something "more upbeat & poppy"...so it didn't get in.

But, oh well...
It's just one more Future Classic for Jupiter Falls that I'd have never written if they hadn't have asked me to, you know?

There IS a 2nd verse, btw.
But, it's not in this demo because of the length of music they needed for the opening credits sequence.

Anyway, just a demo...
But, very Vibey, nonetheless.

Hope you like it...I do. :)

Song Comments

Psyche Folk
Haunting melancholic psych-folk song...Like the ghosts of Neil Young and Bowie have met up on the astral plane somewhere and spooked each other out..Nice one..

Reverbed acoustic guitars, haunting vocals and sparse piano hold the answer in this song which asks questions of everything as it slowly makes it's way down the lonely highway which may lead to a destiny that fits like a glove?

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