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"Pet"... a raucous, spirited, little number about fighting back... with a pretty cool flute solo (yes, flute).

reached Top 5 on KIAC Big 50  

written by: Melanie Krahmer & Rich Libutti
lyrics by: Melanie Krahmer
copyright 2004 sirsymusic(BMI)
All Rights Reserved.

Vocals & Flute: Melanie Krahmer
Bass: Rich Libutti
Guitar: Andres Jatombliansky
Drums: Greg Nash

Don’t you ever get tired of being sick
You take me like a pill to get your kicks
Eat all your words ‘cause you can’t take them back
Sticks and stones go down easier than that

You say it’s for keeps
I say it’s for regrets
I will never be your pet

So I’m strung out here on your rocks again
‘Cause like a siren your tricks lured me in
Treading in the wake of your tidal wave
I held my breath, my head up, playing brave

Come clean - you wanted a dirty frontier
I’m worth more than that so don’t settle here

I will never be your pet.

Song Comments

You've gotta hear this..
rockin' little diddy. the flute work is great (like they said.. yes, flute) :)

Binky's Reviews
Reach out to pet me and you'll pull back a bloody stump

Dry Bone Gulch
definitely a pill for your kicks

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