Tim GilvinIf The Earth Burns
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Wednesday, January 30, 2008 12:16:10 PM
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Thursday, February 07, 2008 1:51:43 PM
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Under a blood red sun
Something’s happening;
She tells us not to worry, says
‘You’ll be ok.’
But I don’t know what’s happening.

There’s panick in the streets
An invisible killer
She tells us not to worry, says
‘You’ll be ok.’
But I hear of things that keep happening

But the heat of the south dried your northern mouth,
The sun drank up the lake, brought in a plague of fire,
It’s all funny to see ‘til you notice the disease
And the dry northern tongues fall lifeless,
And the machines stop beeping.

The great winds of the seas came into New Orleans
And uprooted the trees; took away homes and families.
It’s all funny to see, til you notice that the current is washing down bodies,
Surrendered to the flood.

And the heat of the south became a 10 year drought,
The crops failed again and again – starved the villages,
It’s funny to see,
‘til you notice how noble and resilient and powerful a starving race of people can be.

And if the earth burns,
We’ll see a change in humankind,
And if the earth burns,
We’ll have to learn real kindness,
Or we’ll all fail and fall lifeless.
All the machines will stop beeping.


(But the flood can’t take you forever…)
Song Comments

Tizzle Gs Musical Party Extravaganza UK
Legendary choon. Fact.

Acoustic Meltdown
This is uncommonly good. I really like the backing instrumentation and very interesting lyrics.

eerie & excellent musicality escorts us through a sci fi screenplay theme, and the vocal's rich w emotion...

Gyroscope Alternative
Good song; very unusual

Gyroscope Protestando
Good song; very unusual

Cabaret Noir.......
Quirky,lyrical track with a feel like listening to a strange Balkan folk song from a particularly cool busker...Bags of individual personality and creativity with lots of unexpected twists n turns..Fresh

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