Katelyn DawnWhen the Coffee's Cold
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Monday, February 18, 2008 4:08:21 AM
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 3:51:35 PM
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Lyrics & Music by Katelyn Dawn

When the Coffee’s Cold
lyrics & music by Katelyn Dawn

There’s a rumor going on
In the town where I grew up
Down by the old train railroad
Past the row of everglades

And you don’t hear it enough
It’s a small town’s heartbeat, you know
If you look close enough
You’ll find all that you wanna see

And you shine like you never left this city at all
Sometimes you’re just right saying that this world was never too small
And you always know when its time to come home…
When the coffee’s cold

In his half-ton backseat
I’m defining gravity tonight
All the stars start falling down
And there’s lightning all around me


And you shine…
From the time you left me right here on your kitchen porch I knew I was all alone
And all the wishes and the kisses that I placed on you I knew you were leaving soon

Song Comments

AOR (All Over the Road)
another great song from Katelyn's latest album "The Window"! A star in the making.

AOR Overflow
another great song from Katelyn's latest album "The Window"! A star in the making.

I wonder what this talented young lady is doing now, I can hear class in this song (another from 2008) I picked it today because I made myself a coffee then got distracted and now it's cold. Blondie might have liked a shot at this song. Come back Katelyn, you'd be very popular with IMP Station managers. *** PS I just checked her out and apparently she's a bit of an icon in Canada - just shows how little I know, but at least I can spot a winner haha

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