UMRNMy Blood Fuels This War Machine
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 4:21:44 PM
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Tuesday, February 19, 2008 4:23:39 PM
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lyrics and chords - Corey
music - UMRN

my blood fuels this war machine
(say hey, no way)
my blood fuels this war machine
every fucking day

this world is burning
this world is being drained
of life (of love) of happiness
but still it seems ok
but there's a tension on the streets
there's a buzzing in the air
there's a pain in the eyes in a passing person's stare
and a couple of truths are making themselves quite self evident

my blood fuels this war machine
(say hey, no way)
my blood fuels this war machine
every single fucking day
you work and you toil
and you sweat and you bleed
you think you're working towards a better life
but you're only killing me

this nation's turning
this nation's being changed
from good (from just) from benevolent
but still it seems ok
but trust me it isn't
there's some evil on the rise
it ain't under the ground its right before your eyes
and now the truth is making itself quite self evident

welcome to a future, no movie could ever see
a pre-apocalyptic blood bath, an infinite murder scene
there are no heroes in this tale, there's only you and me
and soon there will be only tears, no blood for the machine x
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