Jay JohnsonLove In The Wasteland
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Thursday, February 21, 2008 6:42:12 PM
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Sunday, February 24, 2008 9:07:19 PM
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We've been told over the years that this song contains some of the best pick-up lines ever...decide for yourself, and let us know if they work! Having sold the most downloads of all the songs on the album RoyalBlueMoon to date, we guess it's a pretty well-liked tune...hope you enjoy it...

from ROYALBLUEMOON/Jay Scott Johnson c. 2004 JayJohnsonMusic.com

When I’m standing cold and alone
On the top of the world on the edge of a stone
Will you catch me when I lay back my head and I fall, I fall?
When I believe that no one else is around
Will you run when I call?

When I'm walking - the wind in my face
Following my footsteps down an endless road to no place
Will you lead me when I can’t seem to find my way, my way?
Will you take my trembling hand and pull me back in to the light of day?

Is that a candle that I see in your eyes or a funeral pyre? Is it true love when it burns or the flames of an alcohol fire?
Yes I’d love to take you home tonight.
In the morning we could handle it right
But the truth comes with the light of day
When my sleepy eyes will open just in time to catch you walking away.
Love in the wasteland - I don’t understand.
Love in the wasteland - for a woman and a man.

When I’m lying alone in my bed - the sunlight through the window falls upon my aching head
Will you hold me when I don’t need to be alone, alone?
Will you wrap your arms around me and heal this broken heart of stone? x
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Bob Dylan Tribute
-Bob is giving me "the nod" on these guys

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Is that a candle that I see in your eyes or a funeral pyre?

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