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Sunday, February 24, 2008 1:28:40 AM
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Monday, September 28, 2009 7:32:44 AM
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The leaves once green have turned to gold
A million hues from red on through to brown
The wind is chilling me
Its blowing cold
Turn up my collar
Keep my head down

The fields are yellow their story told
Another season gone she passes on her crown
A new year poised to take her turn
What will she bring
What is it we must learn

Each season merges with the last
Every year comes gliding seamlessly
Gliding eternal from the past
The hands of time move ever on and on
The spirits come the spirits come and go
They’re flowing to
Flowing to and fro

The die is rolling die forever cast
Life it always seems
It always seems to go
Each life it always seems to go
Seems to go
Gone in a flash
Gone in an instant
Gone way too fast
This mortal life just cannot last

The sky is blue the ground no longer white
A frozen moment heralding the light
The sun she’s warming me
I feel a gentle breeze
Discard my coat
This moment must be seized

The grass grows greener longer every day
Another season born my path is getting worn
A new year already well on its way
Can we in turn
Discern what must be learned

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