Eve's ProtegeWar is Peace
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Friday, May 02, 2008 5:53:51 PM
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Friday, May 02, 2008 6:09:03 PM
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Sex to your ears

Eve's Protege

war is peace
your freedom is slavery
my ignorance gives you strength
like thought is a crime
you crave the obligatory
obedience that i cant give

with your domineering hand
you wave and riddle this truth away
with clear conscience they loathe
through tolerance they follow

through the wind we’ll fade
through the wind we’ll change
a crowd we’re one in the same

we fell in attrition
atrophy moves in a wave
through a sea of names
we’re one in the same

i look around to see immoral flaws
if i can flee this scene what am i waiting for
i feel the wind
i feel the change
in awe

we’re one mind one body one soul
coherrent in this delusion
we move in harmony
from our inception until summation
the midst is showered with fear
one crowd with a shadow in pain
to naive to step off the line
to afraid of distance in time
one conscience life is a system
without a front or feeling
one image our way in their name
the sound of nothing escaping
an illusion held with denial
the truth to their creation
imagine life without them
torn between absence and damnation

intergrated we’re jaded
contained and medicated
dependent dictated
ignored and underrated

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SMASH deux
got the groove. makes you move. its a balls out rocker slobber knocker

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