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Friday, May 23, 2008 5:49:22 AM
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Monday, November 18, 2013 8:49:22 AM
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From Allison Crowe's album, "Little Light", comes this song - "Hold Back".

Allison Crowe - voice, guitar, engineering, production

Hold Back

Words & Music by Allison Crowe

A collection of truths
strategically placed
a horde of mysteries and
some fears faced

a raging battle under
calm and serene
often saying what I think
but not often what I mean

I need to see
reality so I
know that it's not just a dream
and I lay my cards out
for everyone
but I never am quite what I seem
I hold back

take hold of dares
as though you're almost done
as if it's the last thing that you'll ever do
and I will always run because

a misguided guide I am
an ignorant lead
I never know what I want
but I'll tell you exactly what I need

Verse 3

and I see you smile
and it makes me nervous
and while I'm laughing the truth is
I don't know how to do this

i have no idea of what's okay
no matter who you are
but you'll never get to know
because I'll never get that far
Song Comments

Private Stock
Very, Very, Nice Allison ...

Acoustic Meltdown
Absolutely beautiful tune. Simple arrangement, great lyrics, and excellent voice!!

nice harmonies and great lyrics

What the Folk!
Once I get some time will give more of a listen Allison. Lovely work all round

Hold Back From Allison Crowe's album, "Little Light", comes this song - "Hold Back". "I would chew my arm off to sing like Allison," says West Virginia, Mountain Stage-loving music blogger Muruch ( ). "Though I guess that would make it difficult to shred a piano like she does, which seems to be half the fun" - referencing, respectively, "Hold Back" ~

eYe 2
what a voice. magical and elegant. wonderful story Allison shares with us. thanks again for your talent and beautiful soul

Mystery Radio
Miss Teary here, how you all doing,Bryon is still on the lam, not sure whats happened to him, anyways here is a songbird from Canada, Allison Crowe brings some beautiful organic magic with sweet vocals and harmonies and lovely guitar.

Lovely song from Allison, a Canadian treasure who has a voice of an angel. Wonderful guitar work and simple production yet a delightful listen. hopefully we can hear more from Allison with more songs soon here at IMP

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