marie you were
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Tuesday, July 08, 2008 10:42:35 AM
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Saturday, September 06, 2008 7:37:59 AM
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this song is about at lifes end , what would you change??????

written by
David Dwortzan Nashville x
Song Comments

Well Marie, I finally found your page - I had to do a little "Sherlock Holming" in my old cowboy hat, but here I am gal, and let me tell you straight out and up front, you got Soul in your Country Blues. I just loved the mandolin intro here, and the way you followed that sweet mandolin lead walking straight into these ever so poignant and beautiful lyrics written by David Dwortzan, Nashville. Your voice is as Country as Country gets gal. It reminded me of sounds and songs I've heard coming out of those dusty desert saloons deep in cowboy country under those blazing golden and crimson Arizona sunsets. You do justice to the song Marie in true and honest Country style and straight from the heart. We've got a beautiful summer night here, so I'm going to go turn the volume up a little more on my media player and head back out onto my porch here at the cabin, settle into my old cedar Muskoka chair and spend some time looking deep into my soul listening to "you were" a bunch more times before I call it a night. There's some questions in these lyrics that I need to have myself a good heart-to-heart listen to. But before I go do that, I want to tell you Marie to please keep doing what you're doing with your singing ... you have got a God-given talent and gift in that great voice of yours and a lot more listening pleasure in you yet to deliver to the world. So go ahead gal, keep singing your hiney highs and lows off - downunder, up here, and everywhere ... you've got a lot of ears listenin' and lovin' every minute of it!! Welcome to Legendary Music. I'm honored to have you on my playlist.

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