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{ Paul Lafornara - Musical Arrangement - July/August 2008 } - { Narrative - Part I: Raymond Bronston, Part II: Dr.Matthew Fox: The Stanford Lectures, Part III: excerpt from Rob Bryanton's "Imagining the Tenth Dimension - a new way of thinking about time and space" }

Chaos Theory, the basis of an infinite amount of possibilities and results for every decision imaginable. Everything we do results in another path that could be taken, another path in another reality IS taken. It is known as chaos, because it has no order, that will branch and diverge in seemingly random directions infinitely or presumably in infinite timescales. However all things have an end. There comes a point where nothing can go further. And they all converge once more via the theory of a 10th dimension, the dimension which all things are acknowledged as one again. At which point, the cycle begins again.

Chaos ... Chaos ...

Science ... came along in the 18th century and took over for religion and said, "WE'LL be the objective force that controls chaos. Science tried to do that and in the 1960s it all began to fall apart. So that today, we have a realization, a new realization, which is the ancient realization that chaos is intregal to all the natural functions. The ellipses of the planets, the planets move in ellipses, not in perfect circles ... the calendar year is not a perfect 365 days, and that life itself is full of chaos ... the weather systems are full of chaos ....

And yet, there is a pattern ... there is a kind of order that emerges with this chaos. I know there's nothing more chaotic than birth. But I also know that from birth, this wonderful being comes forward. And I presume that is probably where we got the idea of the Goddess of Chaos, is from the birth process. So all creativity contains chaos. And if you're not at home with chaos, if our educational system is not at home with chaos, if we can't welcome chaos then we are killing our strongest suit as a species which is our creativity. The fact is we're living in a time when our government is forcing teacher is give constant exams, constant exams, constant exams ... they're not encouraging teachers to teach young people to live with chaos, to play with their imaginations, to develop creativity.

The first three dimensions can be described with these words;

length ... so our whole culture has made a choice

width ... that law and order and control

depth ... are more important than imagination, birth and creativity. Chaos is the source of all creation, that's not at all unlike the beginning of the Bible - in the beginning was the void ... or the nothingness ... or the chaos. It does not mean 'disorder' that appears with two other fundamental concepts; Gaya - who created the universe, and Eros - the creative impulse. So they come together, it's a trinity - Chaos, Gaya, Eros - they make love together, they get things done together, they create the world together.

It has no size ... no dimension, is of indeterminate size. TRINITY! Trying to view our three dimensional world, THE CREATIVE IMPULSE, of our 4th dimensional self.

It's very exciting ... testify. Overcoming chaos. Becuase there's a lot of chaos in our psyches today. As a species, we've hovering over chaos ... we're hovering over nothingness. And this is where the the mystical tradition comes in to help us. Because psychically speaking the name "Chaos" is the same as the name "The Dark Man of the Soul". Because when you're going through the 'Via Negativa', the Dark Man of the Soul, things are chaotic. The bottom is falling out. The Dark Man of the Soul, when things fall apart.

BECAUSE IT HAS NO ORDER ... is does not mean disorder

That another reality IS taken.

... actually twisting and turning in the dimension above. It is us who feel like it is moving in a straight line in the 4th dimension, but it will actually be in the 5th dimension that we can branch to at any given moment. Those branches will be influenced by our own choice, chance, the actions of others. Quantum Physics tells us that the sub-atomic particles that make up our world are collapsed from waves of probability simply by the act of observation. We can now start to see how each of us are collapsing the indeterminate waves of probable futures contained in the 5th dimension in the 4th dimensional line, that we are experiencing as time.
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