Symphony in DeMeanorLonely Fool
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Thursday, September 15, 2005 4:35:54 PM
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Thursday, September 15, 2005 5:51:37 PM
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"An astonishingly skilled production complete with ELO/McCartney/Lennon/Harrison/Starr/Martin/Emerick contemplations that make the track every bit as exciting as if all seven had been involved in the project. The songwriting is expert and masterful and the overall production is the stuff of dreams... watch what happens to your widening senses at the piano flicks and orchestrations..." International On-Line Music Magazine

©2002 Rob Vermeulen & Tom Carter

Took a walk today, and met a man
Who looked a lot like me
Yet he had no face, he'd lost his place
In reality
Looked into his eyes, and saw a guy
That I used to know
Looking back at me, if he knew
He didn't let it show

Just turn and walk away
Live for another day
I heard the angel voices say to me
Don't try to change her way
Just turn and walk away
Remembering the day
I felt her reaching out to me
Then pulling far away
She turned and walked away

Saw a play today, and the star
Looked a lot like you
When the curtain fell, the actor stood
Still waiting for her cue
And the words she used, I heard before
They were nothing new
As the lights went out, a tear rolled down
From a lonely fool

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HOLY COW! Ultra-Super-Beatle-esque Pop Music. Excellently produced and performed. Spot on Harrison guitar solo. Elegant and smooth all the way through.

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I've always loved this band from many years ago back at create beautifully crafted 70s style soft pop/rock with alot of love...Lonely Fool is a melodic warm hearted happy/sad gem like a more melancholy Beatles or E.L.O with added soul.. Great music..

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