Gary StocktonTake Me Home To Aldershot Town
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Monday, September 22, 2008 3:05:22 AM
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Friday, November 07, 2008 4:18:35 AM
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A song about where I am from.

I went for a visit to Aldershot one day, after being away for 27 years, and this tune popped into my mind as I wandered around the town.
Take me home to my town
Going home, gonna wander all around
Got a, sweet dream in my mind
To remember all this time

Gonna take you back
Gonna walk in the sun
Hold onto memories
If it's all been said and done

It's all the same (X4)

In Aldershot town
Home, where the army broke ground
The Duke of Wellington rides
at sundown, home

To the dark and gray
of the English way
I still remember
your smile like a spring day

It's all the same (X4)

And would you be my only one?
An could you be my only one?

Break it down to the sound
That I remember from the town
I just saw Juleen
At the fairgrounds, ohhh yeah

And if you don't recall
My face at all
I still remember
How we cried in our phone call

All the same
It's all the same (x2)

Oh would you be my only one?
Oh could you be my only one?

Take me home to my town. x
Song Comments

Guitar & Pen
Pure nostalgia.

Gary Stockton Radio
Pure nostalgia.

La Familia
This one almost brought me to tears last night.. even one in my own family spoke out to say what a great song this is!.. one of your best I think Gary.

The Gift
Gary, I've had a difficult time finding words for this song. It's an emotional piece for me, so much so I've been unable to find the proper words to express what it means for me, in fear it will take from the importance of that. Know that it's a wonderful song... full of feeling that entwines itself with the core of who you are... at least who I am. Thank you Gary for sharing a part of yourself in such a beautiful way... that touched me so deeply.

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