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Saturday, October 04, 2008 9:26:08 AM
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Saturday, October 04, 2008 9:58:57 AM
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A simple song celebrating friendship on an ocean liner (Work in progress...)

Musis & Lyrics Vincenzo Pandolfi Copyright © 2008

Prompted by Shirley Giaccotto & The Sunshine Gang

A little song written on the Sun Princess. When people share 75 days a sea and visit many countries together a lasting bond is bound to develop. We had a lot of fun, and we called ourselves 'The Sunshine Gang'
The Sunshine Gang

By the bridge of the glittering city
Thrown together by the dealing hand
Where the earth meets the sky
On the lady of royal descent

We crossed the waters of many seas
Walked the grains of many sands
Felt the chill of northern winds
The warm sun of southern lands

So we became the sunshine gang
With our songs and our wheels
With the cards that we deal
We are like bubbles of spumante

So if you are sad drink with us
If you’re cold follow us
We turn darkness to light
We turn rain into sunshine

We discovered a common thread
In the stories of our lives
We are not nourished by golden fortunes
Yet by the pureness of our hearts….
Song Comments

Soul Over Sheen
Magnifico! If you ever need a dose of SOUL OVER SHEEN linger for a spell at Vincenzo's page.

very cool vincenzo, welcome back...

wonderful bubbly, tasteful outro...

The Lounge..
Bubbling keys and breezy trees..In a haze for days..Love Vincenzo's heartfelt quality as well as his natural way of twisting the melody n chords in ways you wouldn't expect -but still keeping the vibe warm,sunny n inviting..

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