Leland Thomas FaegreAfter You
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Monday, October 13, 2008 1:00:15 PM
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Monday, October 13, 2008 4:35:14 PM
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'After You' is an imaginative spy themed, sweaty-palmed swashbuckling rocker which is evocatively suggestive of various thematic opportunities for film or television. It was mixed with an orchestra lay-out in mind, with tympani to the left, strings to the front, and brass behind etc. Flamenco guitar, castanets, tamboura, sitar, horns, sizzling electric guitars and a reversed cymbal crash [sounding like a knife being sharpened] characterize this dramatic tension-tinged track. After You, I insist...

All Instruments: Leland Thomas Faegre; Engineered by Michael French at Down to Hear Productions; Engineered and Mastered by Patrick Collins at Collinator Studios

There is a patch on the Roland D-50 by the name of 'Breathy Chiffer' that was the inspiration for this composition. It came to me during a seminal period in the late 80's, and I knew that when I finished the original digital tracks, that the production would be tedious and experimental. Over 48 tracks later, 'After You' was almost five months in production.
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