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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Live at Off Broadway, benefit concert

All words, music and arrangement by Auset ©11/06

TENNESSEE words and music by AUSET 11/06

Far away, in a thunderstorm’s rain
She was lost, running from her past again
She was heading for nowhere to the rolling hills of Tennessee
On her way to McNairy County

It was the longest day, and the chase would never end
The heat was on, she had to keep the upper hand
Leaving life behind her, heading for days gone in Tennessee
On her way to McNairy County

CHORUS Riding off on the highway cross-country motion all the way
Barely see the horizon, got to make time between the passing line
Eyes straight ahead, keep both hands on the wheel, hit the pedal till
there’s nothing left that a sinner can reveal

You see, the time had come - all those years of endless pain
Strike the iron while hot, she had to break the the fatal chain
Steady running for cover – nowhere left to go but Tennessee
On her way to McNairy County

Words gone wrong, it was nothing like she planned
With a loaded gun, the trigger pulled in someone’s hand
Blood stained in the struggle, brought it all back to Tennessee
Gone away to McNairy County


She was almost home and thought the truth would clear her name
But the lie was stronger - never goin' back again
With no hope in tomorrow she headed off a bridge short of Tennessee
A lifeless run to McNairy County

Song Comments

The Good Stuff V
Casual virtuosity meets effortless songwriting that's the Auset Music Project. Shades of Lucinda Williams and all kinds of sexy music happening here. Just awesome, really.

LIve and Lo-Fi a la pHLegm
Just love this woman's stuff. GREAT Live performance, man.

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