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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 10:33:00 AM
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009 10:34:46 AM
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An acoustic and whah whah groove, layered over a funk beat, accompanied by baritone vocals.

Vocals and Production ; niteshift
Music and lyrics ; Scott Campbell

(c) 2008 by SW Campbell

While others claim the lens and lights
As if it’s their God-given right
You toil away in lone obscurity
In a quest to capture gold
You take the higher, harder road
That’s why you are a champion to me

It came down to one day all along
When with a billion looking on
You have but moments to fulfill your destiny
But of the pressure that you face
You exhibit not a trace
That’s why you are a champion to me

How many times we hear that good guys finish last
How many times that seems the case
Yet now how many times the world has seen you act
With such humility and grace

In the hype of the event
It’s sometimes easy to forget
That after all you’re just a human being
But one of rare few who succeed
In showing us what we could be
That’s why you are a champion to me x
Song Comments

The Good Stuff 4U
Geoff is down on his vocals. I don't know why; they're perfect for the song. And this is a really, really cool song! Very nice work. Geoff should get behind the mic more often. Excellent guitar work, too!

Lonesome Wolf Radio
Geoff does an EXCELLENT "Champion" howl here in Scott Campbell's tune ... hooooowwwwwwl yeah !

Singer Songwriter Storyteller
A cover of Scott Compbells tune Champion. More of Scott's work in musical urban poetry can be found at

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