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Tuesday, June 02, 2009 10:34:01 AM
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Monday, September 28, 2009 7:43:54 AM



The reaper came to call this ordinary grey this winter day
Crept up on you just as he will
On all of us in time shall surely prey

The only difference lies in how
In sleep or by the hand of violence
We do not know we cannot know
Which way that we must go

Each hour so precious
The past is gone
The present a gift for us to use
At best as best as best we can

I sense your spirit moving through
These charred these charred and derelict remains
So black and lifeless
Black and lifeless oh so derelict remains
These dark so derelict remains

No longer must you brace yourself
Stand firm and face the frenzy brave the storm
Endure the trials of this short life
Play every episode all on your own
All by your solitary self
Off roader lifeless now
Entombed enshrined within the shell that held its form
Hope your transition
I pray your passing
Was as painless
As this merciless inferno could allow

Your song will always hang right here
The dozers cannot claim your essence
The writing etched above the doorway
Carved indelibly upon this speechless mind
The crows are gathered in the marshland
Their mocking call it spreads a foulness in the air
The crowd assembled by the graveside
Disperses silently slowly melts away

A shroud of silence blankets now all evidence of your existence
Your time cut short
Such was the way upon this day
A victim of your habit whimsically careless in your hand
Such was the way upon this day
Your ghost was called upon

Here were you destined not to stay
We stand in silence in a circle
Raise a glass in unison and softy walk away

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