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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Words and music by Ashley Collins

Ashley Collins: Vocals, guitar
Tom Harman: Percussion
Allen Rodgers: Bass, Guitars, lead guitar

Recorded with Bruce Kane at Sterling Productions, Sterling VA.

Staring at the back of your head
Watching for your loving eyes
Twisted feelings deep inside me
Plunging towards the ground

Can I see your smiling face
Can I see your smiling face
Can I see your smile
Can I see your smile

Maybe she is better for you
But I'll never understand
I just want do destroy her
Something inside holds me down

Can I see your smiling face
Can I see your smiling face
Can I see your smile
Can I see your smile

Aren't I pretty enough for your ego
Or am I just wasting my time
I don't love you, I just want you
Trapped in a box to be mine

Do you love me now
Do you love me now
Will you ever
Will you ever x
Song Comments

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Tom and I provided most of the background music but Ashley really shines here. I was particurlarly happy with the background vocal arrangements. I've always felt that the true test of an artist is to strip all the production away and see how they sound. I've heard Ashley playing solo she's fantastic and audiences agree. (awr) Was a bit slow to recognize how good a lyricist she is and I love how she challenges the audience here. She has as much raw ability as anybody I've ever been around. (thh)

Delicious Music
It's so raw. I love that. I can tell it really is true.

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