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Saturday, July 04, 2009 11:44:45 AM
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Saturday, July 04, 2009 11:48:23 AM
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The Gatekeeper


Words and music by Nicola Barghi

Time Of Vår

Now I tell you an olden story
Of a raven named Vår
It flew around the world telling about his flights

It was well-liked by everyone
‘Cause it brought news from the outside
And it seemed very pleased with making it

It used knowing magic places
And looked in the eyes
To see the mind of peaple like yourself

It knew to be bound to fly forever
To bring peace and love
And to help the mind of people like yourself

Hear me
One day came the man
To lay waste
All that we had believed in
And to sow
Hate and evil intentions
But we wanted to live in a place full of harmony

Now we
We look the help from love
‘Cause we must
We must believe in us
And don’t hear
What the people think
‘Cause we must believe in the Vàr of ourself

Only the time can make understand
To the powerful people
The real power is into the mind

So Vår saved anyone
‘Cause the love was its strength
To see the mind of fellow like yourself

Vår is in everyone of us
It’s enough to see and want
‘Cause the real power is in your mind

Song Comments

The Gatekeeper
eery unusual a freaky sounding vocals, very disabling ghostly and possibly unnerving , this one captures a scary feel, dark and gets even darker as it enters into the rockin part of the song

groovy musicality, kickin' guitar, vocal, provocative, engagin', w fx...

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