Carl HauckCoffee on the Rocks
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Saturday, July 11, 2009 8:22:20 PM
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Saturday, July 11, 2009 8:25:55 PM
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Mellow acoustic song follows the course of a day's routine, climaxing in the middle section with a bit of twang and slide guitar.

Carl Hauck - acoustic guitar, vocals, harmonica, glockenspiel
Fred de Albuquerque - electric guitar

Written during a late-night drive home after a long day/night at work.
A voice you used to love that you’ve grown to hate
Breaks dawn’s silence with its cheery strain
The rising steam carries heavy dreams away
As sweat and tears flow softly down the drain
They’ll be back tonight in the same place

Amongst a maze of cubicles you see
The ebb and flow of worker bees
With name and rank written on their sleeves
The bulletins and answering machines
Just spew out syllables endlessly

Phantom collar soaked in rain
Strident tweeter whistling more of the same
A crescent lamp above an empty lane
Put the heartless clock and chopping block away
They don’t let you breathe the same, or so they say

Off with corks and caps and tabs and tops
Bottoms up, drink till you drop
The neon glows as the busboy mops
Up the ghostly remnants of earlier today
But the marks you left are here, here to stay x
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