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Monday, July 13, 2009 3:52:37 AM
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This is a song about the fundamental need to have a safe place to live, somewhere to call home.

I wrote the song and play mountain dulcimer, vocals and some keyboard add-ons.

“Going Home”
December 30, 2007

How many miles I’ve traveled
How many wonders to see
Always knowing there was a bed
In the place I call home, waiting for me

I’ve had some money, I’ve had none
Gone through changes I wish I never had
When I see someone on the road to nowhere
Who’s lost and alone, it makes me sad

A mighty storm blew the levees down
Neighborhoods are gone and family’s apart
Yet she lives her life with dignity
Holding on to the yearnings of her heart

Our leaders promised that help would come
But she’s still waiting for that rainbow
All that she asks is the right thing to do
Build a safe place where her children can grow

A little boy wants to go out and play
His father says wait until tomorrow
Maybe that’s the day when the war will end
Then he turns his head to hide his sorrow

They had to run in the middle of the night
Taking only what they could, to escape the fire
The bomb may have crushed the roof on their house
But it could never kill his deepest desire

The factory closes and they have no pay
Eviction notice comes, they’ve got nowhere to go
Everything they knew is in the past
They once had a dream but now there’s nothing to show

Don’t turn your head, for he is our brother
Don’t close your eyes, for she is our sister
Don’t walk away, for they are our children
Open your heart to the songs of our family

Going home, going home
Where I can lay my head (a)
Where we can live in peace (b)
Everybody living in this whole wide world
Needs a place that they can call home
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