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Monday, July 13, 2009 10:42:10 AM
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Monday, July 13, 2009 11:03:03 AM
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we always hear songs about men hurting women in relationships but this is a song is about a woman hurting a man

singer/songwriter: Irie Love Richards/ASCAP
musical producer: Stephen McGregor/EMI

a girl decides to confess to her boyfriend that she has cheated on him and has basically been leading him on by making him believe that she was ready to be faithful
It was me, who broke your heart in two
Now I don’t know what to do your love is gone
Iʻve got to move on
It was me, who lead you to believe
That we were meant to be
I canʻt go back I know youʻre leaving me

When I had you I mistrteated you, cant believe I cheated you
With someone that you knew, with someone that you knew
And I never thought by my mistake that it would be your heart id brake


I took youre love for granted and I laid in someone elses bed
I made you pay the sins of all the other men who broke my heart
I must be sick in my head


What am I gonna do without you in y life
I thought that I would be your wife
What am I gonna do without you in y life
I thought that I would be your wife

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Irie love is da bomb! Smoke Dat!

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