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Friday, July 31, 2009 4:52:32 AM
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Friday, July 31, 2009 4:53:13 AM
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Hood Tales


written about Keegan's daughter and wife.

Written By Keegan Smith
Produced By Justin Dodge

being a musician you are always on the road, this song is about his love for his family and being there for them.
Aint nothing better then watching you smile
Aint nothing better then watching you laugh, out loud my baby
Aint nothing better then watching you, me, you
Aint nothing better then right now.
In your eyes lie the secrets I dont wanna miss
Put your hand in my hand and make a fist
Grab my shirt, curl your lip as if you know
staring back in my eyes, saying please dont go
I dont what you really want or you need
hate every moment away from you, see you sleeping in my dreams
I know your in your mothers arms, know that your safe from harm
Know Im coming home real soon, bringing all my love for you
Chorus (aint nothing better..)
I cant take away the pain, if I dont know your hurting again
Cant leave you on your own, if I know your crying all alone
And my hearts pupming black and bruised - that's how I feel when Im not with you, A million years pass every day, losing my time Im always on my way
I dont know what to do, I hope you understand when Im gone
I'll aways come back home for you, open your eyes to a brand new dawn
Let us have this moment of truth, let us have this moment are youth x2
Cause all my life goes so fast, Hope my time slows, so this can last x2
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Hood Tales
This makes me smile. So I'm smoking Dat!

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