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Sunday, August 16, 2009 10:43:12 AM
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Monday, May 25, 2020 2:23:35 AM
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Mighty Jerkules Approved
Caterpillar Music
Boof-Poogly's Wagga Wagga Glogh-Wombly
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Side A Track 1 of both Get Away From That Fish and Thrashed Compilation 1996

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Caterpillar Music
Get Away From That Fish 1996

Mighty Jerkules Approved
High school extracuricular. 1996

Boof-Poogly's Wagga Wagga Glogh-Wombly
NggH - Guwaunkly-Pnoopopp. Garng, V'lnog: A PooDooPooPoo! GrilgnaJok! TRANLSTRON: Great Stuff- Came from a Casette Tape Recording. GrilG-PooP. FawPloopity NOISY But(t) NggMBLE WHO CARES BahBar-ROOM! This is what PUNK is QulntPlup ABOWT! Who GIVEs a Shitey-Shite if it sounds like MetallikKpUkE? Not Me, GrnnG!

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