Melissa ForbesThinking You Over
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Thursday, October 06, 2005 7:07:30 PM
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Tuesday, November 10, 2020 12:47:31 AM
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Music & Lyrics by Melissa Forbes

It's an awkward situation
There's some unfinished business in the air
It's not that I don't like your invitation
But I'm taking my time
Gonna get it right

Maybe I'm a weak impersonation
Of the person I wanted to be
If you could just excuse the obfuscation
Give me time to reveal me
But please don't give up

So I'm thinking you over and over again
Don't know the story, but I know how it ends
I'm thinking you over and over again
I'm delaying the bliss

Too many times, like a fool rushin in
Used my best lines before the show begins
No map, no sign
But a grand design
I know where I'm going with this
You're my ticket to happiness

So I roll the thought of you around in my mouth
Taste the salt of you and suck your sweetness out
Savour each moment
Every morsel, every drop
For I don't want this feast to end
You will sustain me

So I'm thinking you over and over again
Don't know the story, but I know how it ends
I'm thinking you over and over again
I'm delaying the bliss

© Kitten Kong Records 2005

Song Comments

The little station that could.
Great breezy jazz. Who knew an ex-lawyer could sound this good. Sean McCready

Greatest Clicks
After thinking this one over we decided it belongs here. Smooth and cool cut.

Out Tha Box Sound System
This lady is a breath of fresh air to the female vocalists out there. Not taking anything away from the ladies of the field, but she just grabbed me with her cool sound and angelic voice. Listening to this song isn't an option, it's a requirement.

Signature Soul
I've been huge fan of the beautiful Melissa for a long time...just listen and you will be as well

The Talent Searcher
Wow I already add one of Melissa Forbes to another station. This artist is incredible. Everything flows smoothly in her songs and I say that as a great compliment. Perfect arrangements and performance.

The JazzXpress Caravan
Australian Brisbane based Melissa Forbes is laying the blues. She has a grand design & knows where she's going with her music.

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