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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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Monday, March 22, 2021 8:55:32 PM
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"I dropped a deuce,
she ran from the smell"

THere's the first thing I told my kid after he was born,
"fart humor is funny!" won't admit it out loud but you know i'm right!

1. It's our first date, she's by my side
so beautiful when i look in her eyes
she leans close, it's going so well
then i let one slip, did she noticed the smell?
I let one slip, i think she noticed the smell

2. Didn't just squeek out, it came with a roar
thought it was just gas, but it was much more!
Her eyes start to water, she holds her breath
Gags once or twice, cause it smells like death!
I cracked a rat, i think she noticed the smell!

3. More bad news follows, i'll tell if i'm able
some ponies escape from, my sphincter stabe!
i feel them oozing, the stink fills the room
slipping and sliding in my fruit of the looms
slipping and sliding in my fruit of the looms!

4. Now they run wild, free and fantastic!
squish thru the holes and past the elastic
Runs down my leg, like it's free on the plains
do you think it might, leave nasty stains?
I busted ass, oh yeah she noticed the smell

5. Could not hold it back, i really tried
spoken: it was part water, part mud, a doody landslide
"honey" i cried, "it's not what it seems", she turned and she ran, i still hear her screams!
cause I let one slip she noticed the smell
i dropped a deuce, she ran from the smell
as she was going, while she ran to the door
it dripped out my pantleg , and onto the floor!
repeat: i let one slip. i'm sure she noticed the smell
i pinched a loaf, she noticed the smell! repeat using " i cracked a rat" "i dropped a deuce"
(keep repeating)

Girlfriend breakdown:
there we were, having a nice dinner, and right in the middle of it
he leans to one side, lifts his leg and lets loose this monster fart that everyone in the place heard!
That wasn't all! I think he actually crapped his pants! The smell could kill roaches! Here's the worst
part - he has the nerve to ask me if we're going back to his place for sex!

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I Like Strange. ~M~

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