Vincenzo PandolfiI'll Be With You
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Tuesday, March 09, 2010 11:21:27 AM
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010 1:39:42 AM
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Dedicated to my daughter Cassandra and her husband Dean who married in November 2009

Lyrics & music Vincenzo Pandolfi

I‘ll be with you
To hold you as you labor in pain
To hear the first cry of our child
In awe as he drinks from your breast
To thank you for your love

I‘ll be with you
as we watch him take his first step
as we prompt him when he falls
as we guide him when he strays
as we fret when He is ill

We’ll see many seasons
And watch the new leaves grow and see the old ones fall
When their time has come…
We will live many dawns and watch many sunsets
Through joy and through pain
I‘ll be with you

I’ll be with you
When you think that we are done
And that our love is at an end
When all seems to be lost
And there is nothing left to say

We’ll see many storms
And hear the thunder grow and watch the rain fall
And the dark clouds go…
We’ll live many full moons and long dark nights
Through joy and through pain
I’ll be with you

I‘ll be with you
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