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Saturday, May 01, 2010 1:40:27 AM
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The night's ain't for sleeping, we're Nocturnal in the Brain

Music by D P Hoy & D V Brown, Words by D P Hoy © 2008


Oh, what a night, what a life!
It was a time we had, it was gold.
We partied like there was no tomorrow
but the sun still rose.
In the cold of a clear, quiet morning
we all hit the road.

Back from where we came
the forests and the plains
its the way we are
Nocturnal in the Brain.

Yeah, we can say “what a life”!
Its no ordinary thing, its the only way.
We can go on like there’s no tomorrow
and wait out the days.
No the nights won’t be for sleeping
we’ll be awake.

Twinkling with the stars
when the moon opens his eyes
Dancing to the Cars
And at the dawn sing lullabies.

But now lets rest
There’s nothing kept
and nothing left to prove or lose.

Hush now, night owls, sun’s up
Hush now, night owls, now shush.

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