Steve AprilThe Rd Not Taken
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Thursday, May 06, 2010 3:51:30 AM
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Wednesday, August 25, 2010 5:26:57 AM
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Road Movie..
The Monkey68 Random Station
The New Golden Age of Internet Radio
The Drive
Adventurers, Jugglers, Minstrels 3


steve april vocal, cello, guitar (Melody, Lyrics)

mark stein flute, vibes, lead guitar, percussion

well, we do wonder about the journey, the choices, the paths.

quantum physics, parallel universes at times describe correct physical results lol. go figure...

"when you get to a fork in the road take it" attributed to yogi berra, hall of fame catcher for the

note; i read an article yesterday titled "7 stress relieving tools to quiet your mind" identifies three (3) free, 1. laughter 2. music 3. nature.

Song Comments

The Drive
ala Neil young, Bob Dylan epic coolness, a story, a journey time to reflect. life twists us about, we want to go one way then we adapt to the challenges. those roads are funny. but we still get there somehow. really col vocals, nice hooks, love the melodic flow.

The New Golden Age of Internet Radio
How well I know the road not taken – been there, done that long time ago now ... and then that inevitable fork in the road appears seemingly out of the blue ahead ... it beckons, cajoles and calls ... your heart listens to the melody of music playing to all the dreams buried in the corners and back roads of your mind, and you know this is where you belong, where you were meant to be, and you take it ... and you know too there's no looking back. "The Rd Not Taken" ... a grand intro, thoughtful lyrics, engaging melody, arrangement and production and delightfully charming retro-rock vocals with a touch of timeless nostalgia draped in the wondrous strains of déjà delivered here by Steve with his customary panache and flair ... a tune for that time in everyone's life – could be any day, could be every day.

Black Sheep lives down that road-

A well known artist with many collaberations with other top artists

The Monkey68 Random Station
Even if there isn't a road, make your own way...

Road Movie..
Excellent sweet vibed atmospheric song with a lyrical heartfelt quality 'off the beaten tra-a-ck' and creative n imaginative production -particularly the cascading vibe lines..Lovely

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