Maria DainesA Minority Pastime
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Friday, May 21, 2010 10:54:41 PM
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Friday, May 21, 2010 11:09:08 PM
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The title track of 'A Minority Pastime', a major new documentary feature film that was created and produced to uncover the cruelty, violence and chaos of hunting with dogs.

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'A Minority Pastime'

A minority pastime, a dirty little secret known all over the world
One thing for sure, it's not made out of good times
You'll see 'em coming, all red coats, high hopes, big bad ways to kill folks,
Scared fox is running...

What are we gonna do
When it comes to me and you?

Well it seems minorities can win
Only if you got powerful friends
Only if your face can fit
And the law of England pays for it
It seems bad men can run amok
If they wanna kill a tiny fox
God what's gonna become of us
When justice is a game of luck?

What are we gonna do?

A minority pastime, a nasty little hobby made of blood and guts
One thing for sure, this pain divides the heart of us
So say your prayers, this army ain't for turnin' there's no languishing,
No time for tears, wake up to politics

What are we gonna do
When it comes to me and you?

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