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Thursday, July 01, 2010 4:37:39 AM
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Sunday, March 13, 2011 10:14:41 PM
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In the Artists Own Words


Pop/Blues song about an abused child that runs away.

All music and vocals written, arranged, produced and performed by Stoneman

This true story about childhood is a musical portrait of despair and shame. I put some strong/rock blues influences and then added some emotional vocals. My favorite part is my guitar solo.
Trance walking, I'm a runaway
Trance walking, I'm a runaway

I cringe in fear when I hear my name, I try to hide when I know she's mad enough to kill
I'm just a little boy, the giant hates me, I've got to run away, before she beats me
I roam the streets at night, so sad and scary, I'm walking down the street, but no one sees me

Trance walking, I'm a runaway
Trance walking, I'm a runaway

My bloody drawers are stuck to my skin, my tearful eye's are so blurred but still I stare ahead
Now I'm in Hollywood, nothings familiar, I see the police, in Black & White cars
I hide behind a bush, so they don't see me, Cause they might take me back, to all the beatings

Trance walking, I'm a runaway
Trance walking, I'm a runaway

In the middle of the night, I search trash cans cause I'm hungry again
I don't understand my life, or why she hates me I' don't know what I did
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In the Artists Own Words
A true story song about an 8 year old child that has post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from being brutally physically and mentally abused. When he runs away the shock of his ordeal causes him to walk the streets of Los Angeles in a trance like state. Each time he comes out of the trance he finds himself in a strange neighborhood many miles away from his own. Over half a century ago I was the child.

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