Gilly HarrisonAll Gone Wrong
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 1:33:46 AM
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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 1:38:34 AM
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Autobiographical rant from about five years ago.

Some of you may have heard it before.

I had a hard time figuring out the whys and the wherefores
As I drove down Highway 21
All those thoughts in my head put me somewhere else instead
As I'm wondering where it's all gone wrong.

Was doing sixty miles an hour in a forty mile limit
When I'm looking in the mirror and I see reflected in it
Those red and blue flashing lights lighting up the cold night
Like Santa's house on Christmas Day
I slowed down, pulled in - put on my stupid girly grin
As a chap with a hat walked my way.

He said now what you doing here I can smell a girl's tears
I said it's all gone wrong.
I said it's all gone wrong I'm seven thousand miles from home
And it's all gone wrong for me.

I didn't realize that underneath your blue skies
My heart would be annihilated, torn apart incinerated
So one thing's clear - I gotta get away from here
'cos it's all gone wrong for me.

This Limey girl's on the wrong side of the world
You're lovely folk but one particular bloke has let your whole side down
So I'm getting out of town
'cos it's all gone wrong for me.

Well this big guy said he sympathised - raised his eyes up to the skies
Wished he never asked the question in the first place.
He put his ticket book away - and I thought I heard him say
I could be eating hot donuts in some warm place
Of all the women in the world I gotta stop this crazy English girl
But before he got far I'd gotten out of my car ..

I cried it's all gone wrong.
I said it's all gone wrong.
Yes it's all gone wrong
Yes it's all gone wrong
It's all gone wrong I'm seven thousand miles form home ....
It's all gone wrong.
Song Comments

Affinity ties
Sexy and bewitching voice ! Great track !!!

Smile About It
so funny, gotta luv the storytellin', the vivid details, the grand guitar, americana commentary from a visitor-tourist, w a woeful story to tell, belied by the sparklin' guitar...

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