Hop On PopTortured Artist
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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 7:39:30 PM
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Thursday, July 07, 2011 12:08:36 PM
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Over The Moon Two
music is truth II
the turntable
eYe 2


A through-composed pop song that was written around that guitar lick in the central section.
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Recorded and mixed by: John Swamy at Mission Control, Baraboo, WI
Produced by: Todd Leiter-Weintraub and John Swamy
Todd: Guitars, vocals, bass, percussion; John: Drums, keyboards, and pretty much everything else.

I brought this song to the old lineup a couple of times but, as I did not have any lyrics at the time, they refused to play it (even though it was complete in every other way). No matter, I finished the lyrics and brought it up to Wisconsin for a reunion with my old friend John Swamy. We recorded the whole arrangement over a day and a half up in John’s home studio and, as you can hear, that was a good choice. The man is a monster in the studio.
Song Comments

Very cool n interesting track from Todd of Hop On Hop..Lots of little sections that manage to work well together..The sudden little acoustic breakdown with the ace riff in the middle is so cool..

the turntable
Tortured Artist is one of Todd's hip groove tunes its crazy man on that rhythmic intro and then they dive into the straight ahead rock vibe and tasty picking guitar, a little break with kicking on the root note , nice harmonies, real fine piece of work and the turntable spins this one daily

music is truth II
Always love the coolness Todd comes up with and this is a totally hip alternative groove he has produced. Coupled with unusual progressions and that first part of the song is catchy with its rhythmic vibe. Not only can Todd write great tunes he knows how to produce them, really well, love that break and cool little guitar touch, and then the crescendo to the ending, I just want to be there when the "shit' hits the fan, this song should be on more stations.tripping one

eYe 2
eYe like it a lot, Sure I had this somewhere else though, and somehow it disappeared..anyways I like the hip groove to this one fo sho, its a cool joint with some interesting progressions , alternative as it goes through the intro and then transition to like a complete different vibe with more rhythmic qualities,and yet again another change again with some beatlesque influnces, great hook,so catchy "when the shit hits the fan" stellar work by Todd and all. eYe dig

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