Shay DillonCarnival Ride
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 5:15:10 PM
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Wednesday, September 01, 2010 5:19:05 PM
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The Gatekeeper
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Shay Dillon and Paul Kraushaar

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The Gatekeeper
Shay takes you away with her sexy soaring vocals on Carnival Ride, and she does it wonderfully with a nice lilting waltz.Sweet arrangement for sore. Shay sings as though she is riding high in the sky on that ride scattering the clouds and repainting the heavens so many different tones and colors with this magical musical ride, a journey indeed. nice one

This is a cool little tune - I like it. Cool melody...

The songs Shay writes are about the everyday struggles with love and life, the common thread of the lonely, jilted, the lost and the found. Straight forward and unashamed and always from the heart, the music moves you. Her Debut Album "Through the Fire" was touted as "a Blues, Jazz, R&B and Soul collection of expertly crafted, hot blooded songs that are marvelously highlighted by Shays sensual, sultry voice." Party in Kingston,~ Christine Bode " classy recording. Urbane rather than urban, Ms Dillon shows polish and no small amount of style in her performance." Blues Bunny

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