Tokyo PenguinMy Crazy Boy Friend
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Monday, October 11, 2010 1:12:13 AM
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Friday, May 04, 2012 2:31:12 AM
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Flying Penguin


This is a parody of "Otaku" culture.

words & music by T. Nakayama
Tokyo Penguin featuring Rori Nogee

It's a song about a video game widow.
1st verse:
Aficionado Nintendo
Look at my score at Super Mario
Pokemon, Pacman, Alien
Slum Dunk and ???!
You want to stop? No, you can’t!
I’m a Street Fighter, Speed Racer
Quick finger on the controller
No, the game is never over
Go ahead beat me if you can
It’ll be over my dead body
At full throttle – Life’s a battle
A man needs a thrill; you know what I mean?

My boy friend is a bit crazy
He’s always playing with that TV

2nd verse:
I know you never like what I do
Hey, baby, don’t you have any good news?
The smelly socks on my new X-Box
Pick ‘em up and go, oh c’mon, what’s next?
Watch out, baby, if you’re mad too long
You’ll look scary as Donkey Kong
What the hell are you carrying on about?
Look at yourself in the mirror wit’ your pout
Ask Pikachu when in doubt
He’ll tell you I’m the man who wins a bout
I’m hooked on PS. She says “BS”
A man needs freedom - you know what I mean?

My boy friend is a bit crazy
Do you love me or the frigging TV?

My boy friend is so crazy
Oh shoot! He’s nothing but loony
I knew he was just crazy
But he’s flipped out finally
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