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Monday, December 06, 2010 3:06:34 AM
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Thursday, December 09, 2010 3:01:11 AM
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The Good Stuff: VI
Over The Moon Two


This song and Broken Wing are from The Bipolar Bears, a band I'm part of with Tom O'Brien. We write the songs and perform them together.

Written and performed by Tom O'Brien and Bob Elliott


Can't bargain with lions

There was a struggle
out in the jungle
there was a problem that the council
couldn't handle
negotiations had broken down (complications, confrontations)
it seems they found another victim
on the ground

Said the monkey to the crowd
"Don't bargain with lions
don't bargain with lions
don't bargain with lions
'cause they will take more than they bargain for"

You see the lion
he's not like the snake
because the snake is gonna steal all he can take
but the lion he's got his pride
he's got to shake your hand
before he takes your life

Negotiations , he's going to break them... (complications, confrontations) x
Song Comments

The Good Stuff: VI
Just another great song from Bob Elliott. This time with Tom O'Brien, who has also been known to write some pretty great tunes.

Over The Moon Two
Great fun number with excellent rhythm and tasty flute work!

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