Tom O'BrienI Will Leave No Song Unsung
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Sunday, September 04, 2011 3:17:12 AM
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Sunday, September 04, 2011 3:20:44 AM
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Davies Ison And Friends...
Outside the Window


Music/Lyrics/Singing/Playing/Hair and Makeup/Arranging/Recording: Tom O'Brien

There's just so much to do in this life and I've barely scratched the surface of possibility. But I hope to experience life as fully as I can in the short time that I'm on this planet. That means writing as many songs as my experience allows. I'd hate to think that I had more great songs in me, but I gave up writing. So I can't imagine I ever will.
And all that I have learned
Is that the story's just begun
So I will leave no stone unturned
And I will leave no song unsung

I thought that I saw daylight there
But it was just another room
And though the air was fresh
It was as quiet as a tomb
My echoed footsteps fell on ground
Too solid to exhume
It seemed I saw no purpose there
So none did I assume


And down another corridor
Was life on every wall
Written like a testament
A mystic ancient scrawl
And if I'd seen the words before
I couldn't quite recall
Some of them were true, but then
I couldn't read them all


A borrowed, subtle glow
Was just enough to make things right
And on the Earth below
You help me through each lonely night

Something gently moves me
Does it push, or does it pull?
Something slowly fills me
Will I know when I am full?
And you have come to me
Just like the moon you lend your light
You're never like the sun
You know you never shine that bright

Song Comments

Outside the Window
rockin' chorus, w an early beatles vibe, or like a mccartney acoustic take, in a room in liverpool...

Davies Ison And Friends...
Charming,good-natured easy going song with a sweet-natured melodic sing-a-long 70s kinda vibe..Nice

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