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Sunday, March 25, 2012 5:08:19 AM
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Sunday, March 25, 2012 5:09:33 AM
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Hood Tales


Acoustic uitar, Autotuned Verses, Regular Hook, with added Harmonies, Very Catchy, Rap Ending, Very Catch Track, Has Had alot of Great Responses and Plays

Jason Lowery

About the Guy that is a Musician and isnt never gone stop doing what he loves to do Because thats what He loves to do no matter what any one thinks

(Verse 1)

I walk the edge of the night with my 5950 and a pair of new Nikes
All alone still chasing my dreams trying to get em' right
I keep my heart open hoping one day she's gonna waltz right in
Every part of me is real
The wait seems long and days last ever so longing for a BREAK


But I keep rollin'
I stay grindin' hard
Im so close and
Im gonna be a star
Everybody listening Im a be Famous
When I come Home
When I come Home


(Verse 2)

And I been doin this at least 10 years now,
Its been real slow always looking for a new crowd
some say stop,it been, too long, you cain't win,
you cain't even begin to be a superstar,
old you are, Im a prove em' all wrong they gone sing along
saying that they know me but really there all jealous
STILL I just show Love Im the realist
The top is the spot where its hot so Im not gonna stop
cause I am just beginning.


(Verse 3)

I aint never just laying down, giving up aint a way around,
Im a keep my head up so listen out, for all the music Im putting out
Im putting in what its all about, its the life, love, laughter, and smiles
all the things that make extra miles, worth the steps so rest awhile
Take a deep breath release it slowly, anybody that really knows me,
pushes me don't wanna hold me, they know Im destined for glory,
in another story Im a tell it all, but for now Im a just keep telling yall
theres never piece in my ever-mind, till I accomplish the goals Im dying
Its always easy in others eyes, its in my heart till the day I die,
guess I could do things differently, but I caint help it


By: Jason Lowery
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Hood Tales
I'm gonna be famous when I Smoke Dat!

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