Carl SchonbeckEverything Money Can't Buy (2008 demo with vocals)
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Friday, September 28, 2012 12:09:53 PM
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Friday, September 28, 2012 12:11:16 PM
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Sad song about money and success ruining a relationship. I know of a kind chap here who said many nice things about this song and...wanting to play it for a friend discovered an inferior instrumental version had taken its place. I always felt bad about that. Here 'tis again and 'twill remain :-)

Everything Money Can’t Buy

What a waste of a day
The sun is shining where we used to play
But you can’t see, you’ve got your new friends
To fill the night
You don’t know, what we had
Everything money can’t buy

Just a taste of that life
Would have bored us; we’d have not looked twice
Too much to do, just having fun
Now it’s for sale
You can’t buy, what we had
Everything money can’t buy

What a waste of a night
The stars don’t answer but you hope they might
Answer your prayers, find what’s lost
‘fore it’s too late
Now you can’t find, what we had
Everything money can’t buy

Oh, we made good
Our love went bad
I lost you
Now ain’t that sad

Song Comments

ALtErNaTiVe ReTrO aNd PsYcHeDeLiC
What a great song.A strange and intoxicating torch ballad indeed..Heartfelt n haunting n timelessly melodic..Beauty's not dead -it lives on in paradoxically uplifting sad songs born out of deep loss

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