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Tuesday, October 02, 2012 6:43:53 AM
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Tuesday, October 02, 2012 7:00:38 AM
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Heartfelt song about safeguarding the earth from the destruction from oil and air pollution.

Stonewall "Stoneman Towery" wrote and performed everything on this recording.

This song was inspired by the 2011 oil spill in New Zealand

A sea of darkness has emerged
Another spill of toxic oil is spreading fast on mother earth
And the ocean turns dark brown and you can hear the frantic sounds
of dyeing birds oh no
And though we try to clean it quick
There is nothing we can do about the about the dyeing penguin chicks
Or the tar balls on the shore and wetlands that were home to so many things oh Lord

They need to breathe, they need to swim in clear blue water and survive in healthy seas
And to live the the way God intended them to stay and be
They need to breathe Oh yeah

Another gift from corporate greed
Another ship so overloaded it can't navigate the sea
And a cargo spill so big it will take them many years
To make it clean, oh no
But still the world keeps turning round,
and the cars pollute the air while acid rain is falling down
Many species go extinct while the world is on the brink
Of catastrophe oh Lord

We need to breathe, we need to drink the clear blue water and to know its toxin free
And to see the smog free sky while migrant birds go flying by
we need to breathe

What will it take for the world to start
using alternative fuels in cars
How many tons of oil will we spill
While city skies turn to clouds that kill

breathe, breathe, breathe, We need to breathe

We need to breathe, and every creature that is living needs a clean ecology
And a world that can provide the food and nutrients we need
We need to breathe

We need to breathe, oh yeah, so it's time for everybody to say give us what we need
and say no to corporate greed, stop polluting skies and seas
We need to breathe

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engagin' sonics, a key change, timely concerns, sparklin' lyrics, memorialized in a catchy song...

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refreshin', artful musicality, harmonies, kudos...

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