Bob ElliottPlaying the Rules
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Friday, December 14, 2012 12:44:12 AM
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Sunday, August 02, 2015 10:52:09 AM
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Sean is a killer bass player. Matt is a killer drummer.

Hathorn, Perez, Elliott 2012

Playing the Rules

Well, the gates are open and Hell is empty
devils are here and they have Humpty Dumpty
coming in clear hanging by a thread
engineered many dreams in their heads
Holy Holy Ghost keep us out of the red
put you almost into the black
coast to coast spending much cash
riding that wave ignoring the math
nothing to save ignoring the science
home of the brave and the new appliance
Emerson's friend self-reliance
can anybody lend what we really need?
Can anyone pretend their skin won't bleed
'til their home's underwater at a crashing speed
you was big talker like you wrote the book
now you're giving that lawyer a second look
'cause math is hard even for crooks
teach to get your guard up
after a while or get scarred up
and forget the smile play 'em close
that's style when someone devotes
and the time moves slow and all the nuts and bolts
and how tight they go but don't become a tool
keep an animal flow wisdom of fools

Playing by the rules
tearing 'em down
build something better right in this town

So don't be a tool keep an animal flow
wisdom of fools knowledge of clowns
playing the rules tearing them down
build something better wish my town
had the North Coast weather what was that you say?
Whatever, whatever, just let the bass play

Playing by the rules...

However, whenever, whoever, wherever
just let the bass play deep to my bones
gotta get away gotta come on home
honey it's me lover of stone
and equality digger of time
seeking quality and a couple of dimes
I could rub together can't fall behind
can't never can't never and soon to be providing
whatever, whatever and every day arriving
and that's it that's it that's it

playing by the rules...

Whatever, the clever can think of something better
however, whoever, whenever we're together
forever and ever, whomever and endeavor
whomsoever put this thing together
whomsoever put this thing together
Song Comments

groovin funky piece gives out the hip tripping feel with a variety of shots of R and b with other coolness. another fine vibe by Elliott, nice one

tripping vibe with Bob Elliott working the elements of rhythmic coolness, tasty piano loving the texturing there and groove on the bass line fine well placed horn shots, excellent percussion, real nice chord modulation, key change gives it a cool change up, and back to the root ,its a groovin tune with fine vocals. well composed...diggin it on the FLOW BT

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