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Bluesy jazz song

Lyrics by Hadley Hawkins and Melody by John at Gene Breeden's Recording Studio, Nashville, Tn., for My Jazz II.

A man sings a blues jazz story song about nothing going right since his girlfriend left.
Ain't No Good News
Lyrics: Hadley Hawkins
Music: John Richards

Baby it's been a long time
since I heard a word from you
You haven't written me a line
since you said we were through.
I wrote you a thousand letters
with no place to send them to,
but then I wouldn't lie to you
ain't no good news.

You say you didn't know where I was livin'
My life is not the same
if you'd only forgive me
I could be myself again.
Now you're livin
with your new love
and I'm livin with the blues
I've been feelin' so confused

Ain't no good good news
Guitar solo

Well I've still got my bottle
to warm these lonely nights
a guitar I can talk to
and songs I can write.
I guess I better go now
I don't know what I'll do
'cause Baby without you
Ain't no good news

Ain't no good news
Ain't no good news

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Get Down Music Nashville
Another hit by John Richards!

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